A warm day for naked.

 Hello',This is from a shoot a while ago in he dessert outside Las Vegas. If I could not live in Norway I would live here. :)  Snookie'

Uptight Americans.
Hello . I luv the sauna like all scandinavians. I am here in American for a time (being from Bergen Norway) myself and my friend Juni were at a gym sauna recently. After working out   we went to the locker room and took off our kit, and walked about 40 meters to the sauna. We were not wearing towels and the looks we got from other women were strange. Upon being in the hothouse we took towel and placed them down then sitting. Everyone else was wrapping a towel,this made us grin. There is no point to a sauna if you wear cloths or such. Why are people here so uptight ? whole families in Norway sauna together. I can recall seeing my grandparents nude when I was little. It was no fuse. ach, I thought you would find this funny.



Helo, I like to play cribbage online. If you would like to, email me at Snooksabooksa@yahoo.com :) 'snookie.

I have seen this amazing film "man on wire"
All persons know pain either the pain of work or the pain of regret. When you are young you must have crazy adventures. Reckless goals that you are too young to care about if they are wise or not. This film is about a french man who walked a tight rope wire between the World trade centers .Everyone should be so driven. I pity those who let their youth pass without such tales of adventure !

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Hello, I am Nicole from Bergen, Norway. I am in america for a time ,it is awful here. :(


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